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35 thoughts on “What It Was Like MINING Cryptocurrency Full-Time For A Year | Tails Health Update | VoskCoin Rebrand

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    Timestamps to help you navigate this VoskCoin video below!
    Mining Rig Parts for sale on Amazon –
    00:00 Intro to the Full-Time Miner VoskCoin Video
    00:17 New VoskCoin logo / VoskCoin Rebrand
    00:23 A brief recap on mining crypto over the last year
    00:58 Three questions + comment your BTC addy!
    01:15 Tails Vosk Health Update
    02:27 I took a day off from crypto & made a car video!
    02:41 Outlining the video – 4 quarters + mining outlook
    02:57 Q1 + Bitcoin ATH + Mining Farm earned $500 a day
    03:58 Zclassic / Bitcoin Private fork + their scam premine
    04:48 Best way to operate a mining farm (profitability)
    05:17 Q2 – GPU Mining Outlook is bad, profits dropping, downsize mining farm
    07:51 Reduce cryptocurrency investment / risk + bias
    09:34 Crypto prices down, mining profits down, mining difficulty high + worsened by Antminer Z9 Mini and Antminer E3
    10:52 VoskCoin Mining Farm only earns 1 burrito a day
    11:42 Electric rate increases 40% and drops BTC mining profits
    12:40 Can no longer afford guacamole due to mining profits
    12:48 Q4 Obelisk SC1 earns $50 a day, Siacoin forks off A3 + S11
    13:36 Miss Vosk Bitmain Antminer Z9 Mini, ASIC miners have a short lifespan
    14:12 Entered full speculative mining phase / mindset w/ GPU Mining
    14:52 GPU mining cannot compete directly w/ ASIC mining
    15:20 FPGA mining not recommended, it's centralized and classified
    15:57 GPU mining is more decentralized due to HW / Gamers
    16:20 Bitcoin BTC price decreases into $3000's – buy mining hardware or crypto coins
    16:50 Spondoolies SPx36 makes $20 a day previously $50 a day
    17:09 Mining infrastructure + how to be profitable w/ mining business — business owner vs visionary mentality
    17:40 Is it best to buy cryptocurrency/Bitcoin directly or cryptocurrency/Bitcoin mining hardware
    19:38 Positive outlook on cryptocurrency and crypto mining
    20:50 GPU mining outlook is positive especially w/ new GPU mineable cryptocurrencies like BEAM, Grincoin, and Ethereum moving to ProgPoW
    23:12 I'll be hodling you featuring Tails Vosk

  2. I hope to start mining cryptocurrency fulltime- I've recently acquired a few short dollars thanks to the recent wants of btc, I would like to obtain and learn how to get and some rigs.

    I'll continue to watch your videos.
    I'm also glad that tails is doing well now ^_^


  3. I randomly stumbled across your channel when searching off grid crypto mining. Awesome videos mate and glad your dogs ok! Kudos from the UK 🙂

  4. Heyy voskcoin, I saw your videos just by looking for gpu mining and how to mine with gpu, love your vids, I'm a Beginner GPU mining tried ETC by thinking that would be a great thing to do but didn't work that well so since then (2weeks now) I'm mining ETH and started mining GRIN (BTW what do you think about this cryptocurrency?) but not really working well (got only 1 GPU for now which is a GTX 1660 TI) working good but don't mine that much a day (around 43cts a day) hope to be able someday to buy some other gpus or even an ASIC ^^
    Love your vids. Much love from France 🇫🇷.
    And here is my ethereum address :


  5. JUST found your site ~ thank you for the info sharing ~ for a Noob right now just beginning (hoping too any way) what equip would be best bang for the buck (if mining with no elec costs ~ FREE elec at apt ) ~ which miner rigs would you consider ? Thinking beginning with an S17 might be slight over kill for a newbie like me ? ALL replies appreciated ~ I had hoped to spend an appropriate amount to begin ( will consider used equipment) ~ Just not sure what amount that should be ? best bang for buck ~ ??? ANY thoughts appreciated ?

  6. nobody mentions the affect of having a whole house full of these mining machines around CHILDREN AND ADULTS and the medical problems being seen in these families!!…..any links that you all can point me to?

  7. Hi VosCoin. I have really liked your video and it means a lot to guy like me that is still new at Crypto Mining. I really would like you input on the Antminer S11.
    Please let me know what you think about it?

  8. All thanks to Mr Allen Brookes for a successful trade last three days I recommend him for a trade well profitable, contacts could be made through allenbrookes91@gmail. Com no doubts he's a genius.

  9. would love to walk around ur mining equipment seems like a nice mining farm and u did a good setup on them, i have about 200 1080ti and did a nice setup aswell but it was a pain in the ass also its pain to keep them going gotta replace vents and so on i know ur pain thats why i like to see yours from close

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