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14 thoughts on “What Does it Take To Mine 1 Bitcoin a Day? End of 2018

  1. 11/24/2018
    my pc with asus gtx 750 1gb

    @echo off
    t-rex -a x16s -o stratum+tcp:// -u PKK1dDHG3b62S4PboYqfriQ8KnvCiBbncV -p c=PGN -i 19
    goto start


    20181124 16:15:32 GPU #0: ASUS GTX 750 – 2607.55 kH/s, [T:64C, P:28W, F:43%, E:93kH/W]
    20181124 16:15:32 Shares/min: 3.9654
    20181124 16:15:32 Uptime: 1 hour 27 mins
    20181124 16:15:48 [ OK ] 346/346 – 2614.85 kH/s, 94ms

  2. Hey there, the s9 runs at about 1500 watts actually, even though they advertise less- not correct. It generates about 3 a day right now, a tad less since the price drop, although difficulty has gone down. We mine in Siberia, we have .055c per kwH, cost to mine 1 btc is about $4,500. We offer a mining as a service platform, and our investors are profitable. We would like to work with you if you are open to it. (

  3. And to think 8yrs ago you could mine bitcoin on your cpu, and miners back then were having the same conversation as miners today, "it's just not worth it, I am using more power than I'm earning" but little did they know that 8yrs later that half a bitcoin a month is now worth over $3000 dollars, miners that are complaining about the cost of electricity are not looking at the big picture, there is some risk involved but wouldn't you kick yourself in 5yrs time if you had switched your rigs off over a few hundred dollars when the coin you were mining is worth thousands? I am willing to take that risk

  4. I want to setup a low difficulty pow coins mining pool with auto exchange option to bitcoin on Windows 10. Can you plz help me. I have a mining rig of 2 1050ti nvidia gpu and 8 1060 6GB gpu.

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