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30 thoughts on “Viewer’s Knives 35 – Excellent Handmade Knives

  1. Yup, love these videos! No matter the skill level of the knife makers I'm always seeing things they do that I haven't thought of! It's awesome learning from everyone who submits their knives, be it new knife makers to seasoned experts there's always something to learn from them! Thanks for posting these Jeremy!

  2. Alex's knives… Gorgeous. The creativity in thats has been my massive setback. Mainly because I don't seem to have any. Lol. I have NO problems with any technical things. I can almost freakishly (made school boring) remember the technical aspect of how to do anything . I can't break through the block. In such a widely saturated world of knife making it's so easy to seem them almost all the same. Then when you run across a unique look it POPS at you. Leading to the thought you want everyone to have… "where do pay?" lol.

  3. If you would like to get more knifes in the viewers knifes videos you could just make the videos a minuet longer and that will add up it is just a thought just keep it in mind for the next video thx.

    Btw love these videos cant wait to see my knife in one of these videos 😁😁😁

  4. Some really talented folks. May we all aspire to greatness. Knives will always be essential to survival from the basic, to the sophisticated. I love the unique nature of every knife. It gives a glimpse into the personality of the maker. God Bless and stay on the edge.

  5. Wow, I can not say my first knife looked as good as these first knives!! Good work boys (and girls not trying to be sexiest!) Keep it up, every knife you make will be better then the last!

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