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21 thoughts on “Tricycle Ride to Subic Walter Mart and Shopping for Handmade Bamboo Furniture

  1. I thought that sounded like the mighty kawasaki.
    I have a 2002 klr ex military bike been sitting in the shed for years 7000k on the clock.

  2. How much would have an uber costs,,,,??????thats the nicest store ,so clean ,no flies,and meat had refrigeration,,,hate those markets ,meat and fish laying out,flies,no ice ,,ugggg can't do that ,

  3. Not sure when they put Subic City off limits. I was stationed dito 1977-80. And off Uss Midway 1984 -87 and Subic City was never off limits then. Always jumed in a Jeepney fot 1st Barrio Barreto then on to Subic City for crazy good time.

  4. Nice video👍 gonna look into the shoes. Im going that way this comming may so Lets meet for a beer. Im looking at Subic bay Or olongapo area. 👍 Wanting to retire there(maybe)

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