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34 thoughts on “Top Pool Mouse Trap/How to make a Mouse Trap Water Handmade/Automatic Trap/Mouse Trap Electric

  1. Esta bien q las ratas no las queremos en la casa pero q las estés electrocutado en cada video no mámes…
    Te deberían electrocutar de los huevos aver q sientes put…..

  2. Water traps, need to be deeper, so the rats can't get out. If the pool was three times as deep, and the electrified board set in away, that those who run, still wind up in the water. Much deeper water will allow them to tireout, and drown. You have too many pests, that are a health hazard.

  3. This is not a real trap. This mouse trap maker hid himself from camera and pushed rats/mice at the tunnel to let them go into this trap. Mice/rat usually comes out in the night or dark places, not in daytime or not under such bright place. (You can see pest control using night vision camera with air rifle shooting rat/mouse in YouTube.) In some countries/area, people still catch/raise rat/mouse as food to eat. I don’t like mouse/rat. If this trap maker really caught mouse/rat as other trap makers, it is no problems, but this trap maker used the mouse/rat as actors/actresses and abused them. It is not good to abuse/kill the life of animals in this way to post on YouTube as amusement.

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