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15 thoughts on “This is Why "YOU CAN'T DRAW." … How To Draw Landscapes, Graphite Drawing Tutorials

  1. Amazing drawing Smoothie77, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about a positive attitude to learning to draw, I think you hit the nail on the head there. I will go straight onto Patreon and watch all the lessons as I really want to try this one, it looks challenging, but superb! I'd also like to highly recommend Smoothie's Patreon group, it is the best and friendliest drawing group I've ever been a part of, I have learned so much, and at $4 a month for hundreds of tutorials, it is about the best bargain around for me as an aspiring artist 🙂

  2. And besides, you`´re right. Unless you learn from observatio, how do you propose to correct your mistakes? Simply won`t work, You have to observe, detect your mistakes, and only then, correct them through practice.

  3. Lovely drawing, recently found your channel and subscribed. Just retired and want to take up drawing, sketching and watercolours! No skills yet but learning heaps watching your videos. Just wanted to say thank you for posting and that I love the presentations, soft voice and background music. All the best from an ex Pom in Western Australia😎🇦🇺👍Stephen

  4. Too many people believe there's a magic wand that will instantly make you great at drawing. I'm constantly asked what pencil did i use, what paper etc. Yes good materials are important but not as important as the thousands upon thousands of hours practicing, identifying weaknesses and learning. Great drawing btw smoothie.

  5. I think that I can say unequivocally that all you say is true, I started to learn to draw when I joined you two years ago and I’ve learnt as much if not more from the sound common sense and you philosophy as I have from the actual drawing. What you say is true the better you get the more closely you observe and I’ve entered a whole new world where I can visualise and see and visit anything I want in my drawings. I remember when you first said to be, as you believe so you will become, and I did in my drawings, and I know without any shadow of a doubt that this will be true too for my watercolours, I trust what you say and if anyone puts themselves in your hands I know that they too can achieve what I have. Therefore I would urge anyone who is doubting to join you without delay and be prepared to see what they can draw because anyone can

  6. Прекрасный рисунок! В очередной раз восхищаюсь Вашим мастерством! Вы не замечали того, что картина без людей или животных безжизненна?… В ней нет движения, сюжета, живого переживания, проживания жизни? Как Вы к этому относитесь?

  7. I can’t believe you get negative comments. What are they complaining about? Your positive outlook? Being encouraging? Being a good teacher? Maybe it’s the soft music at the perfect volume in the background? The good lighting, perhaps – no – it’s the helpful links you’ve provided. All of the above? 😁 Have a great day. I’m going to have a better one now I’ve seen a new way to be productive in my art. Thanks!

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