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26 thoughts on “Silver Effect Text Logo Design | Logo Design tutorial | Create a Metallic Logo in Photoshop CS6

  1. Hi! i have a question, why in my PS everything looks so pixelated?? I followed the tutorial and ended up with almost exact same logo as you, but mine looks so pixelated :/

  2. i also lost my way at 6:01 after silver background inserted in the photoshop. in the video you indicate Alt to be hold, suddenly the text color changed to silver background. can you please tell how to do that because i miss this step. anyway i LIKE your turorial. thanks…

  3. I need help. How did you use the lasso tool to create a straight line which you pulled down to the PS when you first activated the lasso tool. I mean the very first action you took with the lasso tool, how did you do it. Please help. Your tutorial is helpful but I got confused at that part

  4. This is NOT a guide. It is made assuming people already know the shortcuts. You have used a lots of keyboard shortcuts which we cannot see and not even mentioned it. I was following you but I lost my way at 7:11 where I do not know what you have done.

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