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12 thoughts on “Ryan Benjamin – How To Draw Hair

  1. There's major issues with your thumbnail.

    The text gets overlaid and covered up by the time stamp "16:10" on the thumbnail, not the end moment of the video.

    The reason why this is horrible is that the time stamp is different sizes not just between phone and mobile, but the time stamp is differently sized from searching for your video, to having it on your suggestion list, to having it in your subscription list. The different versions of the thumbnail layout need to be considered carefully. Your logo is right at the top, when 99% of the people that use their logo as a thumbnail identifier of who's video that thumbnail belongs to, keep it at the bottom left. But this was clearly a screen capture of your video footage. An your face is in the bottom left.

    It just seems to me, you should have cropped out all the unnecessary stuff in the screen capture, put your logo at the bottom left and aligned your text in a location where the most important word in your text doesn't have the potential of getting covered up by the time stamp.

  2. Draw a bunch of s's – proceeds to draw none 😄 Liked his work back in the day on the wildstorm spinoff books, Him and brett booth doing ripclaw, backlash, grifter etc. Good times.

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