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34 thoughts on “Pakistani woman's handmade Quran in Madina forever! Quran Exhibition in Madina

  1. AOA api . Umrah mubrak ho ap sab ko ALLAH PAK sab ko apny gar ke hazri naseb kry. Apki vedio dhyk k my rony lg gae thi mery b 2 bety hn AZAAN or HAMMAD SHABAN plz dua krna mery bachu k lea ALLAH PAK apk bachu ke sab k bachu ke hefazt kry or buri nazar sy bachay Ameen suma ameen

  2. At what time you went to that Exhibtion?
    When we were trying to visit that place after Asar prayer.. The guy at the front told us to leave and said You're Pakistani come after Maghrib prayer and others were going.. I was so shocked at him idk why he told us to leave.. 😒😒.. Why only Pakistanis after maghrib prayer??

  3. Baji plz mera liya dua kijya mujahe ek beti hai 7 sal ki phir koi aulad nai hovi … 4 sa Elijah karwa rahin .ab tak kuch bi nai hova .allah mujahe bi mera husabnd k sat allah k gahr jana naseeb karre

  4. I love this place.
    مسجد قبا سے واپسی پر ایک دن اس کے بورڈ پر نظر پڑی تو ہم اندر چلے گئے
    memorable precious moments
    اتنی اچھی یادیں تازی کروانے پر بہت شکریہ
    love for Mishari & Tehami

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