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47 thoughts on “Modern Logo Design Tutorial – 2018

  1. I like the first version better. On the second one eye spacing makes the fish look way to derpy… And the lines coming straight out of fish actually looked pretty cool imo. Still it's a great logo though.

  2. I luvd all the process and liked the result, but as the process was getting in the end, I felt u'd make the white part looks like a golden fish tail! Been in a marathon on your channel on the last days <3

  3. i know i’m pretty late lol but the only thing i noticed that could’ve been fixed was the flower had to much personality and flow compared to the fish. i think the fish was too smooth and symmetrical and could’ve used a bit more roughness

  4. How could I send you a logo request?

    I want to have a logo for my school campus. I would make it myself but it would take a lot of time for it look good, at least good for me.
    I would love if you helped a bit. My main idea is to use a black panther, since it's my school mascot. It doesn't have to be black. For the colors I have thought about blue and yellow, but I could be any color. Our school campus number is 28 so it could be a design element, and last, it would be good if it had something related to computers.
    It's main purpose would be a hoodie.

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