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22 thoughts on “Making the Dayna Pack by Linds Handmade | Quick Sew!

  1. love it, we call them bumbags in the UK lol dont see many people over here using them, but I may make myself one just because you made it look sew easy which is what i like

  2. Nice tutorial! I know you often use waterproof canvas for lining. What setting do you keep your iron at? I have burned mine from having my iron too hot, or keeping it on the canvas too long.

  3. I have about 7 of thse made for my show on Saturday. Thank you for mentioning pricing. I decided on $25 but only because I know my market. However, I planned on doing my Etsy price (if I ever get around to listing some) at $30. Thanks again!

  4. Hey Lauren! I love the look of vinyl in this pattern. But my 1181 keep scuffing the vinyl (and sometimes just eats through when I get to the d-rings). Do you NOT have that problem? Maybe I need to adjust presser foot?

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