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32 thoughts on “Making French Lavender Handmade Soap | FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

  1. Yay❤️. Your back❣️. I’m glad you had some time off for yourself, but missed watching your videos!!! I love the lavender soap. What a beauty. Hope you post more videos very soon❣️👍

  2. Wow something must be wrong with me because I didn't feel like it was that long ago that you posted a video since you don't do like a video a week or something. I follow you on IG so because of that it just never seems like your gone that long for the most part. Anywho the soap is beautiful and I just love the color since it is my fave.

  3. Whatever happened to Celine? I used to love watching her videos. So many soapmakers seem to fall off the radar after a while. It's a pity.

    Don't you go anywhere, please. You're my favourite, and I don't know what I'd do with myself! (I never really comment, but I watch every video. That's probably a bit creepy, but it is what it is. I rarely comment on anyone's videos.) My boyfriend calls you "that mad soap lady with the thieving weasels" because of that instagram video with the French Fancies a certain dog was being scolded for stealing. All sighthounds get called weasels or woozles or woozers in our world because… because. They scuttle about looking furtive. His mum has a lurcher who stole not one, not two, but THREE lunches from the kitchen counter. In a row. Each one taken out to replace the previous stolen one. I think it was a piece of salmon, followed by a piece of chicken , and finally a couple of sausages. There was much yelling from one camp (mum). And nearly dying of laughter from the other (boyfriend).

  4. Hi Tiggy, such a lovely soap. Glad to see you making soap again. Those containers with a long snout: IKEA do them in different sizes. I paid 1 EUR each. 😊😁

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