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25 thoughts on “Making Blues and Answering Questions – Handmade Watercolors – Indigo and Cobalt Teal

  1. Hello. I really love your videos. One of your watercolor making videos was in my recommendation and I'm happy I clicked it. I want you to know that your videos relax me that's why I watch them at midnight (12mn-2am). I love your voiceee, your videos are therapy for me. Thank you

  2. I’ve never made paint, but I wonder if it would work better if you mulled both a paint for the red and a paint for the blue separately and then combine them, if it would work better

  3. I really like your paint making videos. There's something about them and about making watercolor that is so calming and inspiring at the same time.

    Side note : I did not know you were affiliate with Jackson's art supplies ! I might buy some sennelier watercolor on December or January, if you have an affiliate links for them I'll use it !

  4. Your videos have inspired me to, one day, start paint making. I love how relaxing and calm your videos are and I always make sure to watch them ASAP. Keep it up! ❤️💙

  5. Your Indigo looks a bit like moonglow from Daniel Smith 🙂 And the Cobalt Teal is absolutely stunning, especially in the mixes where there is a bit of separation.

  6. I really enjoy this kind of videos. I always click when I see the notification and I start drawing and painting while I listen to it. It is really relaxing.

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