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  1. Love your work and videos. Great stuff! What is your main reason for switching between the Yuki and Techsew for this product? I noticed you used both as flatbed machines. I am looking to get a techsew 2750 pro and hoping it can be a single do all machine for me. I mainly need a flatbed for wallets but would like to have the cylinder capability handy to progress my work over time without adding a second machine. Do you see any drawbacks to using a techsew cylinder machine with the flatbed attachment? Is a true flatbed a better option? Thanks!

  2. I noticed a lot of vids when the invert the bag at the end it distresses the leather finish. Would spraying it with water prevent that by making it briefly malleable or would it cause a problem?

  3. Great start. I have seen a few videos and realised that within 1 year when I will back to this channel. this will be reached to 1 million subscribers with millions of views.m/.

  4. What weight leather, brand an color? I love your work ! Im making small items an this is the color an style im looking for but cant seem to find anything close to this in tandy… I was gonna order some but dont want to order the wrong kind. … I live the look of it once its been wrinkled or turned inside out you get a weathered look….can you help me with the style oz weight an color an brand?

  5. Bravo yet again LKG- good vid and nice delivery! Question please- What weight and finish is this leather and what thread weight is this? Looks good as usual and as the other comments state- great layout/editing! Bravo again!

  6. What leather is that? I had a look around the supplier you mentioned in the comments for a previous video but I didn't find anything that looks like that.

  7. This was an excellent video. A well made project with beautiful workmanship. I’ve watched and rewatched this video. The back-tacking was satisfying. Nice filming, buddy.

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