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22 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin Mining Financially Viable in 2019?

  1. i couldnt believe i can find a real bitcoin miner like hacker richard dont miss this opportunity contact him via whatsapp +19174100587….i got 7 btc in few minutes its more like a dream lol

  2. So Keith, are the basics, buy machine/s and net 8% of machine value after all costs each month and then replace the machine/s every 3 years?
    Nice analogy with the chickens by the way!!🍻

  3. The only thing that would concern me about this would be the distance. We have had many icos over the past 18 months who have just disappeared with all the money. As investors we cannot persue them as we have no idea where they are. Similar with this. Russia is an economic minefield. If things went tits up, you have 0% chance of getting your money back. One would also presume that even if you had a contract of supply, this also would not be enforceable in Russia. The idea itself is fantastic and you are a diamond. It is the other elements of the idea that fill me with a Bitconnect shaped concern. I wish you all the best with this venture and sure if my Blockfolio revives itself into the untold £0000s then I will give it a try.

  4. Keeeeeefffffffff love your content keep it up.. I can't comment on suppomans vids that he's a scammer shilling tosser who's out for himself!!!!!! I listened to Suppoman and it cost me 10s of thousands of pounds!!! YouTube please ban Suppoman!!!!!

  5. Real comment here, I make about $212usd a month average right now with my electrical costs.
    With how the mining looks with the company you are partnered with, I think I am going to go for it.

  6. Great video! Great mining opportunity, upset I don't have the funds available right now. Love your home btw, Andalusia? I fell in love with the area, Estepona. Moving back soon. 😎

  7. Try using a calculator that would have taken the ever increasing difficulty rate you also would have experienced, link below. Also find out the price of the miners at the time, as they change a lot and the type of miner you could have bought at that time, how powerful would it be now? compared to new gen miners. These Miner Hosting companies are just Cloud Mining 2.0 version imo. Much the same as BTC, if you don't hold the keys you don't own the coin. If you don't hold the miner you don't own the mine. I'm buying coin and speculating with my coin, the people who want to swap me my coin for a promise can go F themselves to the Moon 🙂 Signed: One Burned BTC Miner

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