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12 thoughts on “Increase Bitcoin Mining Profits 2019 and AVOID ASIC Antminer Viruses | AsicBoost | Overclocking

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    Timestamps AND links below!

    00:00 How to increase and protect BTC miner profits
    01:02 What is AsicBoost BTC mining 2019
    02:38 What is an ASIC Bitcoin miner virus?
    05:13 Bixbit Antminer overclocking & anti-virus firmware
    06:09 How to update/upgrade ant miner firmware
    08:05 How to overclock your Bitmain ant miners BTC
    11:38 How to increase Bitcoin mining profits 2019
    14:00 BixBit antminer firmware review S9 + T9+
    15:10 Bitmain antminer S9 + T9+ prices 2019
    15:41 Bitcoin mining in 2019 conclusion review

    Bixbit antminer overclocking firmware –
    Bitcoin AsicBoost explained –
    Bitmain AsicBoost firmware –
    How to detect and cure ASIC virus –
    Bitcoin mining profit calculator –

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