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48 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Website – 2019 – For Beginners

  1. elementor is no longer useful – it has now a so called "go pro" which means you have to subscribe and pay for it – unlike in this tutorial – also the theme outdoor adventure is different from this tutorial

  2. When importing the Outdoor Adventure theme, it does not finish, you mentioned 2 minutes but it's been 20, and it stays updating like it is going to import…?

  3. When I click on "Typography" it goes not list "Primary Header" as an option – it only lists "Base Typography", "Content", and "Blog". Any ideas on how to get "Primary Header" to show?

  4. I have always followed your work. Very helpful. I'm in the process of creating a new website for my company. I wonder if you can guide me on the right pug-ins for costumers to book appointments on my website and a add some coupons special button.

  5. LOVED the videos and followed along all the way through. The Host Gator website looked totally different after I bought my domain and hosting package. I got it figured out, but it might be worth a video update. Thanks for the great video!! One question I do have – would I be able to add blog posts to this website we just created?

  6. Tyler, you're amazing tutor in your chosen field and I don't care if you make tonne of money from YouTube, I got what I wanted for free, wonderful. I've got one site running on Site Origins theme which I built watching your tutorial videos. On a side note, how can I remove the footer text on Elementor theme, in the WP html code editor? Many thanks

  7. I'm not sure if I should go with Squarespace or WordPress. You can do pretty amazing things with WordPress, but Squarespace is easier to use as far as I know.

    Also, Tyler, it seems that the website you're creating is not HTTPS secured. How can you HTTPS secure your website using WordPress?

    Edit: The security aspect is taught at 1:08:01.

  8. Absolutely loving this video so far, so easy to follow. The import of website seems to be taking an age to finish though, I’m not sure if its because of my laptop or internet connection?
    Also.. I’m at 51.41 where you are changing things around on the different pages, is there a way of just deleting certain sections if I don’t need those. For example.. I don’t have an address I want to share, and I wouldn’t need some of the other pages or would at least need to change them to something else.
    I am going to watch the rest of the video, so i know you may explain this already, if so ignore my comment 🙂 thanks for a great video.. cant wait to get started!

  9. I made already a website with your help. But I only get a http error when I upload a picture, I tried many different pictures. But the http error is still there, what can I do?

  10. When I click "customize site" I can see the theme from astra but when I click "visit site" it just shows the base theme that came with wordpress. I hit publish and everything so I dont know what im doing wrong. Anyone else experience this or know a fix?

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