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5 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress One-Click Application on DigitalOcean

  1. DigitalOcean’s WordPress One-Click application is designed to make it even easier to start a blog. Using it automatically installs WordPress with its dependencies and additional security software. It also automates initial setup for components like the firewall and database, reducing the time it takes to go from provisioning a server to customizing a website.

    This image backs WordPress with LAMP, the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP web service stack. It also includes Fail2Ban, a daemon that scans log files and bans malicious IP addresses; WP fail2ban, a WordPress plugin that similarly protects against brute force password attacks; Certbot, a tool to automate HTTPS setup and management; and Postfix, which provides a local MTA for PHP’s mail() function.

    The video demonstrates the complete process of creating a droplet and installing digitalocean one-click WordPress application and configuring WordPress.

  2. Hi all! Very informative video guide, thank you for that. I tried this way you showed in your video but something goes wrong, I really scared about so many geeky things like Terminals etc. I prefer to configure using browsers. I usually use for deployment on clouds. Recently I installed wordpress on digital ocean for free. Just to make a conclusion, that was a packed application for any platform – with the possibility to integrate different plugins and extensions… Thanks again

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