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30 thoughts on “How to Install a WordPress Theme Forest on GoDaddy

  1. I'm confused – you say to go to wordpress dot com – but I thought you can't use premium themes on Wp dot com – only on self hosted wordpress using wordpress dot org. it seems strange to set up an account on WP dot com. also FYI – themeforest themes have an ANNUAL fee (with a discount the second year ) – but it is not a one time fee. unlike some other themes

  2. Thank you so so much! I knew nothing about wordpress and like a previous person mentioned I just hosted my domain on godaddy and was at a complete lost and your step by step guide really helped me and guided me swiftly. Thank you once again.

  3. You rock! I went into this knowing nothing about WordPress or the Theme I had purchased. Just a Godaddy account with hosting and the domain I wanted. Poof! I have it up and can begin to build. Much appreciated.

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