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29 thoughts on “How to Draw with Inktense Pencils – Lesson Excerpts

  1. What paper type do you recommend? Also I think this is a great way for sketchers to learn to transition to painting with watercolors.
    One last thing, Thank You for sharing. I had these pencils for a few years afraid and to use them. Today, I have inspiration 😁👩‍🎨🤝

  2. Awesome & Brilliant!!! I LOVE drawing & have been looking for what color pencils R the best to color my drawing, thanks for sharing your talent with us! Your strawberries look so real 😍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😍

  3. Absolutely brilliant. The very first time I have watched a teacher who I can understand and who makes full sense of the waterclour medium. Such a change not to have to switch off half way through because one cant hear or understand what the 'so called' teacher is saying. Thank you, Thank you.

  4. What is the paper you are using, gsm wise and cotton content %? Does your washes show up on the other side?
    Love the art and thanks for the tutorials!

  5. I have a set of 24 intense pencils, once there dry there are not permanent the colors can be reactivated. If you load your brush with a lot of water and go over the same area many times and apply heavy pressure you will reactive the color, but then again you really don't want to do that.

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