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26 thoughts on “How To Draw With Code | Casey Reas

  1. It is so inspiring to me!
    I’m on a part of my life that some things don’t make sense anymore and I’m rediscovering old passions which were put aside years ago. I’ve just created a project and started studying p5.js to create some visuals and I hope it works!!! I have a lot ahead, but at least I know I got a reference from now on! Thank you so much for the hope this interview just gave me. ❤️
    It’s very hard to find books, texts, interviews, etc in portuguese (it is my first language), I’m lucky I can understand something in english lol

  2. You know this is not new. I remember nearly 25 years ago this guy I knew was producing these amazing graphics with programming. They were in more than one colour also. they actually blew my mind. I begged him to show me how to do it but he flatly refused. He was a serious geek. the trouble was he was a little jealous of me at the time. So try as I might he wouldnt share his gift. So I never found out what coding he was using.. Shame really as I feel am too old to learn now. Ah well thats life

  3. I am a third year degree student at UAL, working on a project translating emotion into 3D visuals and am looking for people with an interest in Processing/ generative visual coding to collaborate with, don’t hesitate to message me if you are interested.

  4. Gorgeous works!! Is there anywhere where he has shared the code/templates of them? Are there examples in his book that I could play around with the given code and render such beautiful creations myself?

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