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21 thoughts on “How To Draw Mountains | Mountain Doodles For Beginners

  1. I always enjoy your videos and how easy they are to follow. It's so nice to be able to replicate it and feel happy creating something. My journals look so much better these days! Thanks Shayda 🏔🗻⛰

  2. Believe me, the beautiful imposing moments of the mountains are like a storyboard in my mind.You've done wonders again… I love you Shayda😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  3. That was a fun doodle. I quite enjoyed that. When you live in North America you have so many acres of land to drive in that are full of beautiful waterfalls, lakes, mountains, and ocean beaches. Banff is spectacular! Thank you!!

  4. Welcome back Shayda! I am in love with your videos and all these beautiful things you share. I've been in Halifax, Canada, could'n go out too much, but I know Canada is a great country.👏❤

  5. I love that you showed a variety from simple to complicated styles of mountains!! Thank you for this amazing tutorial!! I plan on adding mountains in my bullet journal!! Youre amazing!!!!

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