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41 thoughts on “How to Draw in Perspective

  1. You’ve no idea how many times I tried to understand what the hell was going on with perspective in all those renaissance paintings. I could never find the vanishing points, it looked like such a mess, but it turns out there’s a method to the madness. Thanks!

  2. Do you only need to concern yourself with perspective if you are working with lots of sharp lines? How do you define perspective for objects with a soft, rounded edge?

  3. Thank you for a fantastically clear layout of different types of perspective. Being a 3D artist I thought I knew all about the subject, I stand corrected! Drawing offers so much more possibilities than photo real CGI and, by the way, reminds us perspective has always been and still is somewhat subjective. Fascinating…

  4. To further my comment, I painted most of my family portraits, but I like to sketch from life. I think it is much better. It is true to copy from a photograph is not a good art. I will continue to sketch and paint from my own instead of from photographs., Thank you

  5. Great video! I never went to school to learn to draw of paint. I just do my paintings on my own. I have many books on how to paint and draw. I have learnt a lot today. I would like to watch more of your videos. I am not that young, 69 years old and have been painting all my life. I cannot afford to go to school, it is very expensive. But painting is my passion. Thank you I will continue to practice and learn. Maybe I can continue watching your videos to learn more.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if you – or anyone – could tell me when to use the different perspectives? Not how, but when. I know how to use them I just don't know when you should use one point and when you should use two point and when you should use three point perspective. In which case scenario would you use each of them? Thanks!

  7. Still a mistery to me…how to know how many VP I'll need for a drawing? When looking at a scenery I don't know what kind of perpective to use and where the lines come from…quite difficult.

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