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24 thoughts on “How to Draw Flowers | Step By Step Hyacinth, Magnolia and Ranunculus

  1. Shayda hun…the white balance made it hard to see the drawing at first and then when you used the pen, your hand was in the way for much of it. Sorry hun..usually I have nothing but pure praise for your videos but this time things were a little harder to follow. Thank you for sharing these videos with us, your die hard fans. We love you hun!

  2. Beautiful yay!!! <3 my request I’m so hyped to try this! You make things feel so achievable even though your results are so expert, thank you.

  3. Builder's tea is my favourite. My needs are simple!! You can't beat the cuppa you get in your own house. Typical Irish woman – addicted to builder's tea. Also, would love to see you do a carnation. They were my mom's favourite flower. My favourite is the Orchid. Beautiful. #emailsquad

  4. Yep, taking out my sketchbook to try these beautiful flowers. Your tutorials are so good! I appreciate that you tell us where to place the shading and more especially WHY you are placing them where you do. Love your personality and how positive you are. Just signed up for your Patreon page and I am enjoying even more amazing content! Thanks!!

  5. I had to laugh when you said you use the same terms – here are some "Wonky" synonyms: crooked, off-center, lopsided, askew, wobbly, angled. I'm smiling over here, I like the term WONKY!

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