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33 thoughts on “How To Draw Anime Girl – Step By Step

  1. Man, I wish i could actually share what i think about the art, but i’m scared that people will call i’m a hater

    I’m would never say that her art is ugly! In fact she can draw A LOT better than me but i just wanna say the neck is a little big compared to the face and the eyes are also a bit too big that makes a little bit un-even but of course that’s just my opinion

    Edit: grammar mistakes ;-;

  2. I have some ( good ) questions for you 🙂

    When ur interested click Read more

    1.what penicil you used to draw the starting lines in the video start?

    2. Where you studid to draw so godly?

    3. Is that ok im problably only in my class who draws anime ( and I draw horrobly )

    4.its not question but i love your eraster desing :3 it seems comfortable

    5. Can you make some more videos abaout anime drawing ?

    6. Is this from Sailor Moon or some other anime style?

    7. Was it difficult to start drawing like this ?

    8. What do you too wiht that skill ? I know you draw much else too but do you draw more anime or other stuff ? Is it like when someone asks you " do you draw anime ?" You say yes but you actually dont use it much ??? ( Sorry it was a long one '-_- )

    9. What stores you got the pencils and other supplies from ?

    10. And finaly the last one. * Drums playing dramatly * what is your favorite drawing supplise comoany? And why ?

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