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38 thoughts on “How to draw an Isometric object

  1. Im wearing good headphones and when your dog started barking I couldn't hear you for a second and rewinded the video, not realizing the barking was from the video, and rewinding every time I heard barking XD

  2. This is why we are retarded. I watched a guy explain how to draw skyscrapers in 1 2 3 point perspective. I understood how. fast.

    This video on the other hand.. confused me. The failing American school system.

    This is how my teachers would also talk and Explain. Failed Every time. We are animals still one foot in the jungle. Stop this trying to be professional BS

  3. You state at min: 2:15 that "the dimensions are along the right angle planes will be true". I have an Isometric Drawing (at 30 degrees) of a Saturn 1 Launch Platform can I take the right angle plane the dimensions off this drawing to true, with respect to the drawing itself (12,19cm x 10,9cm). Thank you for your help with this question and for post this video as it's been a great help.

  4. I can't believe I can still remember some of this stuff from school back in the 80s as a young teen it didn't seem relevant. It didn't help I had missed a couple of classes and the teacher focused on some students more than others, the stress of having to catch up on my own and having to spend lunch times doing it was not good for my morale. That teacher set me a task I can't remember the name but it was like the star of David with the under and over triangles. eventually I completed it after a few attempts, I was so angry and upset with that teacher up until that point but realised he knew I could achieve it and he earned my respect. It seems strange looking back now how teachers would turn up to class and ask, right what are we doing today? These days lesson plans and yearly outcomes are common practice. I am grateful for your videos as I have teens of my own now and am able to pass on knowledge they will find useful. although is there any need of schools and teachers these days with chaotic curriculums. The teens now only need a device some WiFi and YouTube.

  5. This satisfied some serious curiosity I had as to drawing to scale your other videos are helping me understand perspective drawing much better. You are teaching me the value of the t square and angle sets.

  6. Thank you so much, I have to submit a drawing of a hollowed structural section for a quiz grade tomorrow and had no idea where to begin. After watching this I have made the most magnificent 3-D drawing that I have ever created. Thank you again

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