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22 thoughts on “How to draw a tomato

  1. THANK YOU, Yong Chen, for your inspirational and very helpful step-by-step tutorials!!  In this tutorial you have helped me to better see the tonal values in the tomato.  How exciting!!!  Please KNOW that you are making a difference with your generous tutorials and wonderful teaching skills.I look forward to learning more from you!

  2. Hi, Karen, you raised some very interesting questions. In the recent years as I have been teaching full time in the classroom, I started to think about these questions almost daily and I am putting myself in the mind of my students and some of them are beginners for drawing and painting. I would like to discuss more on these.

  3. Thank you for posting.  If I can ask a question, it would be to ask about the things you tell your mind (or yourself) when you are not speaking out loud?  Or what were these when you were starting to learn to capture a subject?  Do you, or did you, have a particular area you needed to repeat until you got something right?

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