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47 thoughts on “How to Draw a Tiger Eye

  1. Thank you for posting all your amazing videos. I noticed that you use a mechanical pencil in all of your drawings. Do you ever use a range of values in graphite pencils or you just stick to the HB mechanical pencil?

  2. Thank you for all your excellent tutorials. They are very professional and extremely helpful. Can you tell me if the Tiger's eye was drawn from a reference photo or simply your imagination? Very nice work.

  3. Hi Chris, this is a very beautiful draw but I have a question : how do you get that very black colour only by pressing more on your pencil ? I am trying as hard as i can but the area is still more like dark-grey (with little white points but that's might be due to my paper) and not a full deep black area. Do you have any tip for me to improve that ? Thank you

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