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39 thoughts on “How to Draw a Perfect Heart Step by Step for Kids | Art and Craft TV

  1. I will tell you a easy way that iam using for years……

    1.draw a line….the length should be two's multiples….like 4,6 etc..
    The line should be vertical….

    2. Draw another line horizontally….if you take 4 cm,you shoul draw the line keeping the centre as 2 cm

    3. Then start drawing the line from the end of the vertical line….

    4. It should touch the end of the horizontal line….

    5. Then end the line as curved to the center point…..

    Then you will get a cool heart shape

  2. Bruh, how is this for kids. I ain’t got no time to be drawing lines and stuff. Why didn’t u just say how to draw an equal heart step by step not how to draw a perfect heart step by step for kids.😡

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