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31 thoughts on “How to Draw a Nose – Anatomy and Structure

  1. I loughed so hard at what you did to your nose, not because you looked funny but because it perfectly illustrates how people's exasperating mistakes anoy you to death xDDD I love your videos, you are so meticulous everything and I mean every little detail you utter is important or is an answer to one of the many questions that have been haunting me for ages. This is really one of the best channels on YouTube.

  2. Amazing video! I watched it as I worked on a project I was having some issues with. By the time the video ended I was left with no more problems and a perfect nose! Thanks

  3. It's funny how you start to really depict people that are not looking at you, from their awesome hairstyle down to the toes, once you're invested into anatomy 😀

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