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40 thoughts on “How to Draw a Horse Portrait

  1. I've been drawing horses and working with them for many many years and I can say with all confidence that this tutorial is the clearest for a new artist to understand of all the many videos I have watched on the subject. Good job. Most tutorials I have seen are filled with technical terms in their descriptions… Now how many new artists have a dictionary in their head at the point of "new artist" status to be able to understand all those technical descriptions? Very, very few. You were clear for any artist or potential artist to understand. Good job.

  2. THE BEST TUTORIAL of over 50 different horse head 'tutorials' I've this evening… Your tutorial is the ONLY USEFUL one for my purpose – live drawing of horses – because it really explains all I need: proportions, parts and shapes. The explanation (and thus my final understanding of this topic) is brought in a very easy to understand manner, whereas most other tutorials are just 'looking at someone copying' a picture of a horse, not giving ANY understanding of the way the head is build.
    Most guides given by other teachers only work for a particular photograph and so totally miss the purpose of a tutorial, i.e. an understanding or learning. Only with your lesson I can start to understand the character of a horses head to eventually be able to draw it in different views.
    Your tutorials are so much better than almost anything I can find online. Ok, some artists do have wonderful timelapse videos of how they create their art – and some (not most) images are stunnning – but I don't like it when they call it a tutorial, when it is not. You are just a great teacher in making students REALLY UNDERSTAND whatever you are explaining. Tnx a lot for your work and contribution to my understanding and art! 😉

    I by any chance, you would find the time, I would really appreciate a few more in depth tutorials about horse heads, e.g. about the volumes, shapes (and shading) of the nostrils, the mouth (lips and chin), the eyes, the ears… and how to draw them from different angles 🙂 Tnx!

  3. Nice analysis. There are some tutorials about horses,mainly dealing with the head, but I think people is more interested in horse and rider as a whole, and hardly ever just to the figure of the animal. You can see paintings, monuments, etc. all dedicated to the rider, or even as parts of a larger battle scene.

  4. this is one of the best video tutorials i had in ages. every step was down and i learned things i didnt know before. crazy talented. and i know im four years late.

  5. You are an amazing teacher, Alphonso. I had been looking for horse drawing tutorials for the past two weeks, and you’re the only artist teacher on YouTube with THE best tutorial. I love the measuring proportion and perspective approach, and when you use different color pencils tu illustrate. THE best! I will have to get your book soon lol. Thank you for all the tutorials 💖

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