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28 thoughts on “How to Draw A Fantasy Map (Part 7: Extras)

  1. Most People Will Make North Up On Their Maps, But There Are Many Valid Reasons To Have An Other Direction Be Up, Perhaps The Culture Who Made This Map Live In The Southern Hemisphere, And Marked South As Up, Perhaps They Find The Direction East Holy For Some Reason, Or Perhaps The Land In The Area Gets Higher The Farther West You Go, So West Was Marked As Up To Represent This.

  2. Hey, if you do continue on your excellent cartography series, I would love to see a video on large maps, spanning multiple countries. Perhaps even on larger paper, since as far as I'm aware, you have only drawn on A4 in this series. I am in the process of drawing a large A1 map for my fantasy world and have been having difficulty deciding on how to do the borders. Keep up the great work!

  3. Idea for a video: how to translate a map that I made from drawing to a computer. I have a map that is looking really good so far but I'm afraid time will have an impact on it. I would like to know if there is any way to have my map with all my details transferred to a computer I mean yeah I could take a picture, but what software would let me recreate my map from the picture to a file where I could keep adding things. I don't know if I'm explaining myself very well.

  4. I used to do a little bit of hiking back in the day by no means does that make me an expert. But I would say an average person with about 40 pounds of gear on their back could do about 20 to 24 miles in a day on foot. But as far as settlements. Wendover Productions has a great video, "why cities are where they are" here on YouTube. Discussing why cities are far apart as they are. Actually I believe Wendover has a whole video series about the geography and cities, On his channel. I highly recommend giving his channel a look

  5. Thank you for this, your videos have inspired me to get back into drawing maps, I am in the middle of drawing the world for my current campaign which two different PC groups are on opposite sides of the world, they are thoroughly enjoying it, a hand drawn map really adds something to the whole experience, so thank you once again for the inspiration.

  6. I first started drawing maps for a book or some stupid stuff like that, and I was never really happy with them. But after I found your channel, I found out just how much I love drawing maps and your tips and ideas helped me improve a lot over time. I am really thankful Nate, you truly have helped me.

  7. The belief that maps contained the phrase "there be dragons" in unexplored regions is a myth, the only map that contains the phrase was the Hunt–Lenox Globe which had the Latin equivalent of the phrase "Hic Sunt Dracones"

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