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43 thoughts on “How To Draw a Basic Manga Girl (Step by Step)

  1. this is awesome man. I am a high-functioning autistic (apparently), and for over 20 freakin' years I've been trying to comprehend this art style. I have studied it for many years with no success. I LOVE manga/anime, I THINK in it, all my characters look like this style in my head because it depicts the kind of characters I love to create the most, elfy, beautiful, angelic people, and wonderful lineart. now, after 15 minutes, I have my first serious attempt, and it LOOKS like it, adolescent and rough though it may be. Now, all that's left is to get bodies down, and refine the process. And that is my next 30 years. Thank you sir, for a joyous new direction that I have been looking for for so long after a deep depression! my drive is back! That feeling of drive, solid, long-lasting drive, is precious. Thank. you. sir. I have been a writer (unpublished) for 30 years, and this will really up my game, gotta work that right brain!

  2. ill never get that good can barely draw the frame for the face wish i actually had some skill but great work man keep it up don't know what the heck is wrong with the people that give you a thumbs down but continue making videos and art

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