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3 thoughts on “HANDMADE GOLD Watercolor Paint (Natural Materials) – Collab. Genzäh Watercolours

  1. A continuation of Ryan (maker) and I (artist) learn/teach each other things dialogue. Today I wanted to share a metallic watercolor paint in the making! This is Ryan's all time favourite gold and for good reason. It's a gorgeous shade. You'll find the process is exactly the same the the crimson just with less mulling. Also, at the tail end of the video, you saw I'm starting to experiment with these metallic paints in ways I haven't in my practice so far. Lots of exciting things coming up!

    Again if you want to support Ryan’s work, please go to He makes everything by hand and source even the honey locally in Canada! If you use, “COCOBEE” during the checkout, you can also get 10% off your entire order. Take a peek, you will not be disappointed 🙂

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