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9 thoughts on “Gamers Should Mine Bitcoin

  1. This is ridiculous. If you want cash get a job, bitcoin mining is just a waste of time if you're a guy with only one graphics card. In order to make serious money, you'd need a few dedicated bitcoin miners – mining all at once day in day out.

  2. i used yor link to try it out right now i been using honeyminer but its worth a shot! plus i got my new pc coming in a few weeks. so that leaves my 1080 and I7-5820k as my minning rig so a few bucks here and their based off a system i wont be using anymore is always nice

  3. The increased cudominer profit is eaten by the 5% fee they have another 1.5% withdraw fee….. It is also using zenemy in your video which has 1%devfee built in…. Just use zenemy for the flat 1% fee….for the same profit…minus fees

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