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15 thoughts on “EXPLORING WWII Time Barn! (VODKA & HANDMADE THINGS) – Urban Exploration

  1. That barn seems in good shape until the part where you fell. I wonder if that was real human hair tied up or horse hair. Have been catching up on your videos again. My mom had a surgery and I've been busy. It's nice to see you and you bring a smile to my day! Love and hugs!!!

  2. Such a big beautiful barn, the workmanship is amazing. Thank you for your humour and time showing these beautiful places to us. 👍👍👍 enjoying your videos very much. Stay safe x

  3. At 1:12 I wonder how many people think "what did he just say? Sounded like ape… 🤔" 😅😁
    Those tied hair things, I really wonder what those are for, looks creepy 😁 Yes, saws! Different ones. I was expecting that you look into that handbag. Well it's ok 😊 You found a vodka bottle, where are the shoes? 😉👍😊

  4. Nice video, Janne! I've always enjoyed snooping around barns and that was a good example. That wooden "necklace" is made up of spools ~ for sewing thread. The wife must have been quite the seamstress! Hope you are having nice weather and have finished painting your grey room. When will we get a small peek of the new place? Want to see where you put your aliens and paintings!

  5. Good evening Janne 😊 Hope you're doing great. I would have gone for an urbex trip this weekend but I still have flu a bit, maybe I should not go… The weather here is very warm this weekend though but night are cold… Gladly I have some nice things to do 😉

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