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37 thoughts on “EASIEST Way to Draw HAIR – Step by Step CURLY, Braids, Wavy and Straight hair

  1. I have a question, I struggle with clothes a lot, even with the normal tutorials! If you can, could you make a more in depth tutorial about wrinkles in clothes and how to make them look natural? I get the whole "push, pull, gravity, wind, etc." Thing, but I still struggle with it. It's ok if you can't, I don't mind. I'm just asking in case you see this

  2. Oh my gosh YAS a long video. Thank you for the amount of time that must've gone into this, it takes way more than 40 minutes to actually make a 40 minute video, thank you!

    So happy to have this tutorial to reference! Lately all the hair I draw looks like a bunch of bananas for some reason 😂

  3. Omg thank you so much! As a beginner artist I can say this helps a LOT. All my hair looks the same so I have a feeling this is really going to improve my art!! I’m happy to say I (tried) to draw along! <3

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