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43 thoughts on “Drawing Tutorial ❤ How to draw and color Messy Bun Hair

  1. Debby! Someone it's copying your drawing! Like…not even saying this art it's not her creation! And now everyone it's saying like "thanks for creating this, it's really helpfull!" And I leave a comment, but she erases it! It's the same drawing but on the other side, and in her own style. It has the same name. Her YouTube name it's Farjana Drawing Academy. Please answer or do something about it.
    P.S: it's another one, with the same thing. Her name on YouTube it's Ariel ART

  2. I think you should kind of slow down a little but other than that it was really helpful and I kind of succeeded in drawing the hair!I 
    The coloring part was a fail for me though. You motivate me!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. I have a battle soft colours VS deep colours put your answer in the replies my one is soft colours I love soft colours soft pink soft blue I just love them or Soft Orange sometimes I like deep pink but that is not so important cause I just love soft pink 💗

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