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29 thoughts on “DIY Toilet Paper Roll Organizational Hacks – HGTV Handmade

  1. Coolio!! Definitely will be making those! I'd really like to see crafts made from the clear, single-serving size, applesauce and "fruit-cups as well as the single-serving pudding cups and yogurt cups. I've got OODLES of these to use somehow so any ideas would be greatly appreciated ( even better if some were ez-crafts for3-5 year olds!)….thanks bunches!! Peace!!;)

  2. Cute decorating, but considering how porous cardboard toilet paper rolls are along with the fact there is no practical way to sanitize these rolls, I can't imagine re-purposing them.  Just my opinion, but after serving time in the toilet area of a bathroom, their next stop should be the trash.

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