Cum sa faci un USB stick butabil cu Mountain Lion 10.8

How to Create a Bootable Mountain Lion 10.8 USB Install Thumb Drive Inexpensive USB Drives: Hit me up on Twitter with any questions!…


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36 thoughts on “Cum sa faci un USB stick butabil cu Mountain Lion 10.8

  1. After opening the Mountain Lion Installer.pkg, Contents contains no SharedSupport folder. So I cannot find a InstallESD.dmg.

    I assume you need this because the Mountain Lion Installer above is tied to the machine that downloaded the software?

    Or can I use the upper level Installer for upgrading a MBP from a Mac Mini Install pkg?


  2. Now, if one goes to the apple store, there is an option to "add to cart" and they write that one will receive a "content code" in an email. Will this work the same way to allow one to create a thumb drive version?

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