Cum sa faci un GIF animat folosin imagini (CS5)

The most simplest and shortest explanation on how to make .gif animation on YouTube! Thank you for watching and thanks for the great comments +, enjoy your day 🙂 (ps. this is made by an 12…


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30 thoughts on “Cum sa faci un GIF animat folosin imagini (CS5)

  1. idiot, stupid, moron why do you start your tutorial from the middle. how the hell am I supposed to know how to upload images in timeline, you didn't do it, did you! if you don't know how to do tutorials don't do it. you just be wasting people's time

  2. hhhhhh she says that she's 18 now and she made this when she was 12 hahaha
    the video was worked and uploaded in the same date (04/06/2011) ….. please explain to me how can you be 18 hhhh ?
    but Nice work

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