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12 thoughts on “Converting a Sprinter Van | Week 20 | Beautifully Handmade CABINET DOORS

  1. I so agree with you on the table saw!!! It’s a scary scary machine. I never used it if I could get away with using another machine.

  2. we are building our van, I can't wait to use it, we are just building the cupboards under the bed then we will be able to build the bed, and then we will go somewhere, we love your videos for inspiration,

  3. I so enjoy your videos. I can't even tell you! Do you have a video that explains the swing? It looks so interesting. Will also look up the church you mentioned. I love worship!
    Blessings! 💖🌹🌿🔥

  4. Cabinets are in! And man oh man, are they pretty! Especially the one I made 😉 We hope you enjoy this week's episode, and that it inspires/empowers you to do something new/creative/adventurous this weekend 🤗

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