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24 thoughts on “Best Handmade Hairfall oil||100%results||Crispy Prawns Fry||Snacks for My Kids||floral saree

  1. Hi madhu garu ..your vlogs are lively and I really enjoy Andi..just a small suggestion..chinna pillalaki snacks antr mazaa Britannia cakes appt fizz assalu evvakandi .. there is a lot of awareness all around the world regarding the kind of food we should eat and give our kids for a healthy and assured life..meru every Sunday veelaite jantikalu karapusa wheat flour or oats tho pressure cooker cakes chesi vadachhu nuts ladoo chapati Puri etc wide range manam cheskovali anukunte..drinks lo harmful chemicals preservatives sweeteners untayani andariki telusu …ayna manam veelainta ga pillalaki duram ga unchali..vallakosame manam kashtapadedi ..Mari valla health meda impact pade foods ivvakapodame best appudappude istanu anukokandi adi kuda danger ..e msg andariki cheptunna Andi hope meru ardamcheskuni next vlogs lo Mana pata indian snacks pedite chusi enjoy chestanu ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi akka gud mrng..nd hi rithu…
    Oil bagundhakka will try nd blue dress chala bagundhakka…
    Nd akka meeru vlog lo veskunna blc beets xpesstp lo nenu theeskunna chala bagundhi kadhakka especilly lockets cute uny nd inko blc beets veskunnaru kadha sravani akka dhagra adhi monna order chesanu aka.

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