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23 thoughts on “5 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Calendar – HGTV Handmade

  1. Cute ideas! Got me thinking now. I used scrapbooking tape to attach some larger calendar photos in the bottoms of my armoire drawers, and also put on top of my wooden potato bin (to cover someone else's hand painted design that isn't my style, at least until I decide if I want to paint on it instead.) The calendar was an old, black and white, Ansel Adams one with scenic photos from the early to mid 1900's.

    My phone case doesn't have a clear back, but I desperately need a new one as this "Life Proof" one is being held together by duck tape (Duck brand tape, not a misspelling of duct tape. Hahaha) Would the paper be safe inside the case, or would it get too hot? My duck tape adhesive is a mess from the heat 😏 . Thanks!

  2. Calendars are great to use for card-making, for decoupage, for journaling and all kinds of other paper crafts. Loved your ideas!! TFS!! ❤xo💜xo💙xo💛xo💖xo💚

  3. wwwaaaah, that was useful! thank you for sharing these project ideas with us 😀 I am definitely goin to attempt a couple of them ** I have been keeping my old calendars stored in my room for far too long.

  4. Make sure to use a rotary cutter that is for paper- most are for fabric and you could really dull them up!!
    I love how y’all cover the mod podge logo with washi tape for copyright stuff lol

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